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1107psychology01Some psychological tricks should be in every ruler's toolbox.

When you want to link 2 things together, you can repeat that you deny that these 2 things are linked. The subconscious does not register the denial. So you can say "I deny any resemblance with Obama" when you want to ride along on his victory or "I deny that my opponent Karl Rove is not trustworthy and that the suicide of his mother indicates mental ill health in the family" You can compare the effect to a pilot of a plane saying:"The left engine is not on fire", the not is not registered in a situation of fear. With politicians trying to grab the slaves productive lives, there is always fear. This can also be used when you want to introduce bad things (for them). "Reinstituting the draft is out of the question", works perfectly as a preparation to institute the draft. Be careful because it also works the other way "We are committed to a strong dollar" is better than "We do not like a weak dollar".

Give short orders without a lot of explanation. Explanations will only get the slaves thinking about whether these explanations are true and universal (would apply to them as well). You do not want them thinking, you want them obeying.

Assume a fatherly/motherly role to get them in an obedient state. Taking care of some weak losers and discipline some small time crooks, should keep both 'left' and 'right' happily coerced. If you can't find them, create them yourself. Don't really help the losers or punish the crooks, you need them for your schemes. Never solve the problems you use as an excuse to tap the wallets of the slaves. Remember:break their legs and give them crutches and then say:'see without me you would not be able to walk'. Don't really help them ever to walk without crutches again. That is why you always see the number of poor grow when the state 'takes care of them' in a motherly role and traffic jams form when the state deals exclusively with infrastructure, waiting list appear if they get involved in health care, inflation if they stabilize money, terrorist attacks if they provide security by occupying foreign countries, etc. etc.

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