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Check list

votingThis is a checklist of things you need to have for proper extortion. It is by no means a complete list or in order of importance (except that a monopoly on compulsory education, which is number one). 







  • Compulsory public education, the basis of every state is indoctrination of future tax slaves
  • Monopoly on violence
  • A ban on murder (for the slaves)
  • Monopoly on justice
  • Monopoly on infrastructure
  • A ban on monopolies (for the slaves)
  • Monopoly on money creation
  • A ban on counterfeiting (for the slaves)
  • Regulate communication
  • Regulate health care
  • Regulate pensions
  • Regulate the media
  • A ban on regulation (for the slaves)
  • A monopoly on gambling
  • A ban on gambling (for the slaves)
  • Income tax
  • Property tax
  • Death tax
  • Vat/sales tax
  • Zoning laws
  • Minimum wages/Union protective legislation => creates fear of job loss
  • Rent Controls
  • Subsidize science
  • Ban prostitution/drugs/abortion/euthanasia/slum lords/loan sharks
  • Tax deduction for religions
  • Some kind of manufactored consent of the subjects
  • Tariffs on import
  • Tariffs on export
  • Development aid
  • Laws on intellectual property
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