Turn key solutions

turnkey-solution-300x225Besides a host of packaged solutions, Squeeze Squander and Spin offers turn key solutions for acute problems of rulers. Not so long ago e.g. we were contacted by Obama who had two massive deficits:social security and health care.

The capable and creative SSS team got into action immediately and suggested to start a war, but after it became clear this option had already been fully utilized, started thinking on another way out. The problem revolved around old people's money that had been spent and promises in health care that were unfunded. The solution SSS came up with was well received by Obama: Monopolize healthcare and start to centrally plan it, so you control who gets what health care and it will inevitably drop to communistic levels. Because old people die quickly without health care, you kill two snow birds with one stone. Obama got to it right away, after learning how to sell communistic health care as something people were entitled to. 

Are you in search of ingenius solutions like this: send and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our team of specialist can be working for you in no time.

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