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Business objectives of SSS

Squeeze Squander and Spin is a non profit organisation that is founded because traditional methods of extracting more money out of tax cattle got more and more exhausted. As one anonymous politician said ''Forget about peak oil, it's peak taxes''. It takes more and more coercion and fear mongering to extract an extra tax dollar from the populous.

The costs of campaigns to plunge subjects into fear keep rising. The subjects seem to get immune to the fear that used to have them surrender more of their freedom and lives in the confusion to their masters. Soon there will be a situation of negative yield. In other words: more than 1 dollar has to be invested in fear mongering to extract 1 dollar of taxes. Academia, press and the educational system have to remain flushed with subsidies and favorable legislation to broadcast our right message.

In the mean time, the productive base that can be extorted keeps shrinking and getting less productive and fertile as their freedoms shrink.

The situation seemed hopeless, when an ambitious group of young aggressive entrepreneurs got together to figure out new and innovative ways of tax extraction. This young aggressive group was the basis of Squeeze Squander and Spin.

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" Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted "

Validimir I. Lenin