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Health care for the rich

The 'health care for the rich' fear scheme is based on the claim that without coercive intervention health care costs would spiral out of control and only the rich would be able to afford health care. The fear of being unable to get access to health care during sickness will prevent the tax subject from asking rational questions like:"What will all these doctors be doing all day if only a few rich need to be helped?" and "Why will the tremendous salaries in the medical profession not make it an attractive career choice thus raising supply?" If you are still worried these objections will be raised, you can interfere in the medical profession before hand by granting special union privileges to doctors, thus reducing supply and raising prices. The tax subjects will now be fully convinced that indeed more intervention will be needed as he watches prices rise.

You might wonder how objections to intervention by the rulers can be overcome by interventions from these same rulers. The answer is that these interventions are done on a different fear, namely 'without our interventions you will be killed by incompetent doctors, in pursuit of high profits'. It might seem strange because in every other industry high profits require high quality, but for health care this seems to be the other way around. The best way to a high income is a delivering a crappy product.

So putting on an enormous licensing burden on medical professionals (supposedly to raise quality), you raise their profits by reducing supply. Only then you can point at the poor without healthcare (the lower quality care which you just abolished) and intervene again to make healthcare compulsory (to be paid for by whoever you have a grudge against). Since there is now not enough licensed capacity to meet demand, you will get waiting lists, but you can use this to justify further interventions and claim that without interventions by government there would be no healthcare at all.

The whole principle of government taking over the world is:Break their legs and then sell them crutches and say:'you see without us, they wouldn't be able to walk'



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" We are saying openly that we don't want the Jews, while the democracies keep on claiming that they are willing to receive them - and then leave the guests out in the cold! Aren't we savages better men after all? "

Adolf Hitler, August 1939