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Nature will collapse

gorecountThe nature will collapse scheme is a fear based scheme that will work for a relatively large niche of your tax slaves. People that feel very unstable, but are unaware of it, project this lack of stability on the universe/nature, much like the all knowing god is a projection of the knowledgeable self.

You can exploit this by claiming nature is indeed on the brink of catastrophic change, after having favorable conditions for human habitation for millions of years. It is important that the catastrophic change you predict can be prevented by having men rule men. You ought to be the men ruling, but if you did not get that, you are probably part of the men being ruled.

To make it more believable you can hire academia and make a whole bunch of money available for research into the phenomena of catastrophic climate change. Not only to it's causes, but also at who guns should be pointed to solve the problem. They will instinctively realize what the results should be, as no one would hire their services on a voluntary basis, so they are solely depending on your stolen money for their income.

Some of our customers worry that their concern for the environment comes across as hypocrite. The pentagon's enterprise produces over a ton of toxic wastes every minute, a yearly output that some contend is greater than that of the top five U.S. chemical companies combined (Seth Shulman, The threat at home). There is no need to worry, Joe tax slave is not going to compare these numbers certainly not after you scared the heck out of him and academia would never let go of an opportunity for tax funded research pass by.

Independent research firms like intellectual ventures might try to come up with practical low budget geo engineering solutions to the problems your people invented. They should be defamed in all possible ways as crack pots. You know there is no problem, because you cooked it up. How can their solution be any good if they haven't figured that out? It would be as insane as people finding a cheap practical solution for non existing weapons of mass destruction in foreign countries you are about to invade. You paid for 'the research', they came up with a solution for a non existing problem.

You are about to take an insane amount of money and power to solve a problem that you created. The geeks that come up with an easy solution for that problem, do not realize what the point is.

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" .. the power system continues only as long as individuals try to get something for nothing. The day when the majority of individuals declares or acts as if it wants nothing from government, declares that it will look after its own welfare and interests, then on that day the power elites are doomed. "

Antony Sutton, the best enemy money can buy