Keep it short

Keep your explanations short. "I need to have your money, period", works better than "I need to have your money because program X ran out of money, because supplier Z had a set back, because there were unforeseen circumstances". The explanations are bogus anyway and your subjects will detect it once their attention is focussed on it. You are not logically arguing them towards surrendering their money. You are the ruler, you are ordering them out of their money. They know that if they have such setbacks, they can not force others to pay the difference. Your mandatory public schools have prepared them for obedience not for reason. You appeal to their obedience, to their Nietzschean slave morality, their urge to be nailed on the cross. So you say: "It is good to sacrifice yourself for others, this is your chance, now give it to me".

Stanley Milgram once send his students into the stuffed New York subways, to obtain a seat. 68% of the people handed over their seats to the students when they were asked for it. However the more the students explained their request, the less compliant subjects became. Lesson: go for obedience, not for reason

keep_it_shortKeep it short

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