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Silly things

There are some little things that seem insignificant at the surface, but have deep psychological effects as well as benefiting special interest groups that lobby you. 

  • Beauty commissions; before someone can take down a tree in his garden or change something on his house, he has to ask you a permit. This prevents the subjects from getting the idea that they own their house and wonder why they ought to pay you to live in it. As an excuse you can use the fear scheme that people, when left alone, will make their house ugly and the whole street suffers a price collapse.
  • Funny shaped fruits/vegetables are illegal. Variant of agricultural subsidy.
  • Zoning laws; don't let property owners get the idea they can do just anything they want with their property, you are the real owner of their property.
  • Working permits; people can only supply services/products to each other when you approve of it and know how much money changes hands and get a cut.
  • Banning euthanasia; Tax slaves are not allowed to end their own lives. You own their lives, if they do not give you their income, you threaten them with death. Low birthrates, depressions, substance abuse, euthanasia are all implicit criticism on serfdom and your rule. Like any other problem you solve it with laws and threats, the subjects have to smile and wave their national flag under you gazing smile radiating form a poster. 
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