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Non profit scheme

The preparation for this scheme is to teach the subjects that profits are evil. The producers that create products that consumers want most, are morally most evil. The producers that create junk that consumers must be forced to buy are morally best (that's us).

One of the best ways to separate your tax slaves from their money, is to call yourself a non profit organisation (you separate yourself from the evil of profit). Doing this completely reverses all the subject's instincts. No longer is your advertising observed with suspicion, but it is all swallowed gullible. Use plenty of phrases like 'serving', 'serve', 'servant', 'duty' for yourself and you can coerce them to your liking.

In your 'mental preparation for being a slave' centers, the kids ought be be told businessmen are evil, profit is theft, voluntary relation ships should be regarded with suspicion while unchosen relation ships like those with mommy, daddy and the state are perfect and require their obedience even if abuse is rampant.

Like any good magician, you have to keep them focussed on the evil companies while picking their pockets, who are only interested in profits and cheating them. For some reason they do not register that they do not have to buy the services of those companies, they do not have to invest in them and they do not have to work for them. What's more, they have to buy your services, they have to invest in you and they have to work for you. Yet calling your self a servant of the public good, doing your duty diligently, working in a non profit organisation you can end up controlling most of their lives and get ownership of their income.




Calling yourself non-profit is essential in getting exclusive control (ownership) of resources all over the planet. Normally the slaves are quiet suspicious about commercials: 'we from company A recommend spending your money with company A' , will get a laughing response from most tax slaves. We from company G, command you to give your money to company G, don't worry we are 'official' ,'non profit and have lots of guns and jails' , however works like a charm.

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" As recently as 1999, U.S. tax payers paid the entire annual salary of every single Taliban Government official. "

Ted Rall, San Francisco Chronicle, November 2, 2001